About Me.
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I'm currently living in Phoenix, AZ, but am originally from Southern California. I studied Aerospace Engineering at Arizona State University, and most recently worked as a Mortgage Loan Originator. I have many passions -- among which are music, physics, statistics and board games. In my free time, I enjoy learning, traveling and catching up on my ever-increasing Steam backlog. I love chatting with like minded people. Always on the lookout to work with a team of great programmers. Wanna grab a cup of coffee? Shoot me an .

Work I have done.
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Helpfull was made with the intent to ease the difficulty in locating volunteer opportunities closest to you. We query the Google Maps API in order to filter everything by proximity to your current location. The Helpfull MVP was released after a 3 week deadline. The project was done on a team of five following an Agile-Scrum methodology under a Senior Developer. Held weekly sprint introspectives and launched on Product Hunt on day 15.

Tools Used: Javascript, React (hooks), MongoDB/Mongoose, JWT, bCrypt, Passport, Express, Node, React-Google-Maps, Mocha/Chai, Jest/Enzyme

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Easy as Python

Easy as Python was created to implement an alogorithm with a singly linked list in order to practice spaced repetition with the Python programming language. Registering for the App allows the user to login to store their progress and get a score depending on how many questions they have answered correctly. There's also a limited trial mode for learning without an account.

Tools Used: Javascript, React, Redux, MongoDB/Mongoose, JWT, bCrypt, Passport, Express, Node, Mocha/Chai, Enzyme

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MyMDB was created to be an online movie database. A user can query the Api for a movie of their choice, view a trailer, and add to a watch or favorite list. The user must register an account before being able to use the application.

Tools Used: Javascript, React(hooks), Redux, MongoDB/Mongoose, JWT, bCrypt, Passport, Express, Node